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The only mobile platform for creating and experiencing three-dimensional audio, Acoustigram allows creators to layer sound and story, place it in location, giving their audio a greater sense of connection and meaning.


Welcome to the Chelsea Hotel

Tyler Wetherall

For over a century, this distinguished structure housed the most iconic artists of the time, from Dylan Thomas to Jackson Pollack. As much as a creative commune as a hotel, its myriad infamies still linger in the lobby.

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How The 1977 Blackout Gave Us Hip Hop

Brendan Jay Sullivan

New York had experienced blackouts before—there was a major outage in 1965 but in 1977 the city experienced widespread looting and the birth of the Hip Hop movement.


The Arch Conspirators

Ayla McCarthy Combes

On January 23rd, 1917, a motley crew of Greenwich Village Bohemians led by the poet Gertrude A. Drick ascended Washington Square Park Arch through the unlocked and unguarded door at its side to proclaim the establishment of a new Republic- The Republic of Greenwich Village.


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